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Quick Start

Fan Studio is a free online resource for editing photos that is downloaded from the web site. Using this resource you can find a needed photo, edit it and send to the required address and all this can be done in few minutes. If you are a first-time user of the Fan Studio software we advise you to print out this summary review of major functions for a quick read. Using improved Fan Studio functions for photo editing you can perform basic operations with one click in order to improve basically any image, correct light and color and add any effect from variety of the available ones.

Some general advice on photo editing:

To download your photo to the editing page please press the Browse button, find the photo with the help of explorer and press Ok. The image for editing will be shown on the screen, and if you are on home page, you will be automatically referred to the main page for editing photos, images and pictures.

To the right of the picture you will see the Activities Panel, all operations you perform will be entered automatically there. Active operations are marked with a tick. If you want to go back on an activity, remove a tick next to it the operation will be deactivated automatically.

On top you will find the Toolbar bookmarks with all major editing operations available that are separated by categories. Each bookmark has its own set of operations.

Below you will find the Instrument Panel with the functions of photo/image downloading, saving, and printing. The important part is the Compare with original button that stores previous image and allows quick switch between the original photo and the edited one.

There is a question mark on every button. It means context help that allows quick prompt for a specific image editing function or photo editor action.

To cancel any change you can press the Undo button. To come back to the cancelled action you can press the Redo button.

Automatic picture editing allows you to do some quick editing changes to your photo (try it by all means).

More information on all interface functions is provided in the interface help.

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